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Agneatha Davids

A little bit about me…

My name is Agneatha Davids, I’m an Entrepreneur living in Johannesburg, South Africa and I like to go far away places to shoot things… with my camera.

“Entrepreneur. Someone who has a dream and is proactively moving towards it!” – Brian Walsh

I specialise in learning about new things; photography, business, IT, craft, travel, people, etc. As a result, I’ve become moderately (although modestly) knowledgeable on a vast range of things.
  • I’m Fluent in sarcasm.
  • I giggle often.
  • I regularly trade my time for money as a Data Manager and Freelance Business Analyst.
  • The amount of movie trivia knowledge I have would frighten you.
  • I am often applauded as a “Jack Of All Trades” and self-profess to be a “Master of Seven”.
  • Rarely seen without earphones and an mp3 player.
  • My favourite study, is the back of my eyelids.
  • Have been an active book worm since the age of 3 (Thanks Mom).
  • Actively and cautiously participate in the ever evolving school of life.
  • The “Google” has saved my life and career on many occasions.
  • …and I like to get my geek on!

Ciao! 😉