Do You Yoga: The 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Do You Yoga: The 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Do You Yoga: The 30-Day Yoga Challenge


I started the 30-day yoga challenge on Do You Yoga.

I planned to restart my yoga practice at the beginning of August (Birthday Goals)… better late than never!

Day 1: Reverse Table Top Pose

Day 1: Reverse Table Top Pose

2015.08.25 - Day 02: 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Day 2: Twisting Lunge Pose

2015.08.26 - Day 03: 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Day 3: Full Cobra Pose

2015.08.27 - Day 04: 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Day 4: Leg Lift Pose

2015.08.28 - Day 05: 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Day 5: Three-Legged Down Dog Pose

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