Quote: Susan Gale - Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Even Mistakes Mean You’re Trying

Quote: Susan Gale - Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Never give up on the universe!

Me: *Walking by local store*
Store Owner: Hello! 🙂
Me: Hi! How are you?
Store Owner: Good, good. You look very beautiful today.
Me: *blushes* Thank you. Have a nice day! 🙂
Store Owner: You too.

How is this little interaction a victory?

Well… I felt like crap this morning!

  • I stayed up ‘til 5am caught in the YouTube trap of “Recommended Videos”.
  • My new dress wasn’t sitting as well as it did when I tried it on earlier in the month.
  • I just did not want to get out of bed ever again.

But I put the dress on because I really loved it and I was just too done with the universe to bother with ironing something else out; went to my hairdresser for a wash and blow, then BAM!

I used to hate shopping!

Correction: I used to hate not finding beautiful things in my size when shopping. It is so frustrating! My body got to the point where I couldn’t find regular sizes that fit and the plus sizes were too big. So I would buy the smaller pretty things as motivation to lose weight AND the bigger baggy thing because I couldn’t walk around naked in the meantime. Because that’s how logic works and this makes perfect sense, don’t judge me. I know!

8 years later and I have a closet, chest of drawers, a laundry basket and bags full of clothing ranging in sizes from Medium to XXXL. I do often give the “Fat”clothes to charity when I lose weight but buy more when I gain. The “Thin” clothes get passed on to my mother and sister, brand new with tags intact when I give up hope of ever fitting into them. I think the my longest streak was 5 years. The most gorgeous blouse, finally surrendered to my mom in 2012. We had a good run…

Alas, I can proudly say that I have not bought any “Fat” clothes since my healthy lifestyle began. I have been on a weight loss journey for decades and have had massive fluctuations over the years but going mostly raw and natural in March of 2013 has lead to an slow but steady decreases on the scale and tape measurer.

What’s the difference?

I equate the “weight loss journey” to fad diets and not sticking to a exercise routine.

The “healthy lifestyle” is making healthy choices all the time. No diets, just eating healthy and more exercise. I’m not one for routine so I cant say that I’ve mastered the art of regular exercise but I am much more active overall. I eat junk when I want to but I’m mindful of what goes into my body. So I do enjoy an ice-cream or a slice of cake now and then but I don’t eat the whole tub or the whole cake. And I don’t have the guilt of “Oh, no! I cheated on my diet. Let’s have pizza everyday and we’ll be healthy next month.” I’ll have a pizza right now, yes a whole pizza, and be healthy for the rest of the month.

After losing 35kgs my body caught on to this new lifestyle and my weight just plateaued for 6 months, I’m still losing centimetres but the scales haven’t shifted much. November came and I changed my routine up a bit and managed to drop another dress size *Woop Woop* but then gained 2kgs in these past two weeks *Womp Womp* 🙁

Moral of the story:

Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s ok to fall behind just as long as you don’t stay there. Keep trying, even the little things make a difference.

Enjoy the video below.

Ciao! 😉

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