How to Succeed At Doing So Much And So Little, All At Once

How to Succeed At Doing So Much And So Little, All At Once

I am one of the worst procrastinators on the planet!
Not really, but it feels like it.

I have a bunch of ideas that are very well thought out but when it comes down to implementation I either put it on hold until circumstances are ideal (they never are), or go at it guns blazing for a few days or weeks and then drop it until circumstances are ideal.
How to Succeed At Doing So Much And So Little, All At Once

The Dilemma

This leaves me with the following problems;

  1. A basket full of perfect, unimplemented theories.
  2. A basket full of unfinished, semi-implemented projects on ice.
  3. A basket full of well thought out works in progress.
  4. A basket full of completed but poorly implemented projects that can be improved on… much later.

The Curse

I’m a passionate person. Multi-passionate to be exact. I have a million seemingly unrelated ideas and not enough time to try them all. I love planning things out and seeing my plans come to fruition. I’m not so keen on the middle part. The dedication to the boring, un-fun dirty work part. Sometimes I foresee the growing un-funness and move on to something more fun.

I’m guilty of becoming utterly obsessed with an idea and then walking away when something else pops into my head. But I never cut myself off completely because I’ve invested so much time into it and I know that one day I’m going to get back to it… One fine day.

The Victims

Ask the stack of scrapbooking supplies, bottles of beads and jewellery making tools, bags of wool and crochet patterns, the untouched board games, dozens of half and partially read books, hundreds of unread books in my library, the Casio keyboard that I haven’t mastered, fitness series that never made it past week two, and the inbox folder of 2000+ newsletters that I have yet to read.

They would tell you that I love them too much to let them go but the timing just wasn’t right to finish what we started. Each of these passions hold a lesson. Some lessons I haven’t figured out yet but it will be revealed one day when I get to it… later.

The Victors

The ideas from the fourth basket, the ones that made it out, are guilty of perpetuating this supposedly unhealthy cycle. Those successes are why I keep doing what I do. They are products of a chaotic process. Products of dreams that I planned out, put effort into, sacrificed time for, put on hold and waited for until later.

Case in Point

This was meant to be a post about the dangers of procrastination but my mind shifted it into an example of how patience and persistence can be good for you. That’s what happens when I write of the seat of my pants. Perfect example of why I need to think things through before I act. Number one reason why I’ll keep finding ways to justify my procrastination and hoarder mentality.

I keep putting off my plans to dedicate more time to writing. I have a mental folder full of well thought out, perfectly planned and more importantly unwritten posts. I’ve been playing around with some of them for years and I’ll definitely start writing them down… later. At least I got this one published! I’m putting this basket number four. #Winning

The Conclusion

You have to get off your ass and do something about your ideas. It’s okay to try them all but you need to knuckle down and commit to the ones that matter. Even if it gets boring sometimes or doesn’t work out the way you expected it to. Rather fail because the idea was bad than fail because you didn’t bother to get started. Get comfortable with idea of failing, learn from it and keep failing your way to success.

I look forward to publishing many more imperfect posts and I hope you stick around long enough to watch me get better at it.

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How to Succeed At Doing So Much And So Little, All At Once

Over To You

Do you have any ideas that you’ve been knocking around? What has been holding you back or what gave you the kick in the pants to get it going?

Please share your ideas and experiences in the comment section below.


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